Taste Dalmatia in every sip

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Wild herbs and fruit give it a unique flavourĀ 

Dubrovnik Republic Dry Dalmatian Gin is simple and elegant. Its distinctive aroma comes from locally foraged juniper, seafennel, immortelle and bitter oranges.

A pinch of sea salt to control the destillation

Adding a bit of sea salt produced in ancient Roman salt pans slows the destillation and controls the temperature at which alcohols are boiled away, while preserving precious natural aromatic oils. Results are smooth and distinctively Dalmatian.

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Smooth and rich

Smooth and rich, warming across the palate, with a mouthfeel of nutmeg & pomegranate, sweetened by bitter orange with a little mint and lemon. The juniper berry comes last fading into sea fennel ensuring elegant and soft finish.

Each sip reveals new layers of the deceptively frugal selection of botanicals.

Handpicked wild botanicals, macerated for two nights and a day

Our juniper berries come from the slopes of Velebit, seafennel is picked on the coast near Dubrovnik, bitter oranges from the Elaphiti islands and immortelle from Dubrovnik inland – each chosen for their beneficial effects beyond the flavour molecules, combined in a recipe it took us years to perfect.

Wild flavours of Dalmatia

Juniper, Immortelle, Bitter orange and Sea fennel are traditional ingredients in Dalmatian cuisine, and can be found all over the coast.

Sea salt from antique salt pans

Salt used in Dubrovnik Republic Dalmatian Dry Gin comes from one of the oldest salt pans in the world.

Spring water from mountain depths

Filtered by layers and layers of rock, sand, silt our water springs from the depth of karts 396 meters above sea level and takes days to reach the surface.

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