Wild, hand-picked herbs

Starting from a recipe from England in the 18th century, the herbs are softened for two nights and one day.

In the south of Europe, along the edge of the Mediterranean Sea.

Located in the south of Europe, next to the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, Dubrovnik is also the meeting point of two climates – humid subtropical and Mediterranean – which favor diverse vegetation, enriched with plant species brought from distant voyages.

Softening for two nights and one day

We selected four plants from the treasury of natural resources (it is in our Dalmatian nature to be thrifty), and softened them for two nights and one day, following a recipe from England in the 18th century.

Velvety feeling on the palate

It was necessary to experiment with different techniques and technologies until we found the ideal production process, perfected down to the smallest detail.

To create the effect of a strong yet delicate palate sensation, we use sea salt to control the temperature and slow down the alcohol evaporation process, making every drop silky smooth.

Sea salt (Fleur de Sal)

From the Ston salt pan
The mosaic of our flavors is completed with a pinch of sea salt, obtained by evaporating the Adriatic Sea in the Ston salt pan. This salt pan dates back to 167 BC, from the era of Roman rule, and is one of the oldest, still active salt pans in the world.

Sea salt brings out the sweetness of juniper berries in our gin.

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