Dubrovnik Republic, Dry Dalmatian Gin


A uniquely Dalmatian flavour you need to taste

Juniper, seafennel, immortelle and bitter orange with a pinch of sea salt and water from one of the deepest well in Europe. Seems simple, until you taste it when it reveals a lush complexity of flavours. Try it neat.

Dubrovnik Republic 47% craft gin flavoured with indigenous Dalmatian botanicals: bitter orange, sea fennel (samphire), fleur de sale, some of the best juniper berries in the world, and water from the 6th deepest mountain well in the world.

Flavour profile consists of nutmeg, aniseed, honey and spice mixed with fresh green resin and hints of the sea.



So smooth you can drink it straight, it slides across the palate with enjoyable viscosity.


Opens with fine exotic citrus, and a touch of sea combined with recognisable fennel aniseed notes. Very pleasent on the nose, according to sommeliers that sampled it.


Smooth and rich, warming across the palate, with a mouthfeel of nutmeg & pomegranate, sweetened by bitter orange with a little mint and lemon.

The juniper berry comes last fading into sea fennel ensuring elegant and soft finish. Each sip reveals new layers of the deceptively frugal selection of botanicals


Relaxed and balanced. Held together with a satin-smooth texture expressing a different balance of flavours upon every taste. 

6 indigenous ingredients from the deep south of Europe make up every sip of the Dubrovnik Republic Gin.

Untamed, natural and noble.